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Restaurants and Bars

Premium quality lighting to enhance the customer experience

  • Intelligent scene setting
  • Web based energy monitor & reporting
  • Plug & play installation
  • ROI 1 to 3 years

The continued popularity of today’s prestigious bars and restaurants relies on a fine balance between the high quality of the cuisine, coupled with location and overall ambience. The special appeal and visual impact customers seek when they go to quality bars and restaurants is achieved with an exceptional mixture of lighting design and the integration of high quality intelligent fixtures and sophisticated QV control solutions.

Premium quality lighting should enhance the visual impact of a room, highlighting the attractive details of the architecture and furnishings as well as casting the customers in a flattering light. The implementation of QV lighting control systems, complement the interior designers’ and lighting designers’ requirements, and contribute significantly to the overall effect. Customers will be enthralled with vibrant bars displaying wines and spirits behind glistening displays whilst restaurants will benefit from well set tables being visually enhanced with brilliant and concentrated lighting, which makes the glassware sparkle and silverware shine.