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Meeting Rooms and Conference Centres

Integrated lighting that creates a productive environment

  • Intelligent room control
  • Plug & play installation
  • Web based energy monitoring & reporting
  • Lighting / Heating / Blinds

The atmosphere of meeting rooms and conference centres depends heavily on a mixture of the quality of the interior design, air-conditioning, acoustics and lighting controls.

When considering lighting, a generally balanced ratio of horizontal and vertical illuminance creates a congenial, communicative atmosphere, which enhances the impact of the room furnishings and overall meeting experience.

The lighting system employed throughout this area needs to be designed in such a way that it can easily meet the diverse requirements of different forms of meeting.  This would include events such as formal board meetings, seminars, and production presentations, all interfaced with communication medium such as video conferencing, plasma screens, slide projectors, overhead projectors and flip charts.  The perfect conference room control system needs to integrate all of these technologies in order that a presenter can simply press one button on a lighting panel or a touch screen virtual button on a podium, to activate a chain of events which could dim the lighting, close the blinds/curtains, activate the monitor/plasma screen and begin the presentation.  QV Control solutions provide the ultimate flexibility by conveniently programming all of these time consuming and complex activities to the push of a single button.